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Hand Soap & Hygiene

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Enriched Foam Skin Care Systems
Enriched Foam Skin Care Systems use highly concentrated
formulas to provide a thick, dense foaming solution for
a luxurious hand washing or sanitizing experience.
Our wide choice of formulations & dispensers meet the needs
of a wide range of applications from general hand cleansing to
hand sanitizing in washrooms, kitchens and locations where the
risk of cross contamination is high.



Liquid Spray Skin Care Systems
The spray soap and hand sanitizer system delivers enough liquid to clean hands thoroughly while providing up to 60% reduction in consumption.

Enriched Foam Alcohol free Hygienic Hand Rub
Avoid Swine Flu with the help of Crystalcare Washrooms
While the UK has moved from the ‘containment’ to the ‘treatment’ phase of swine flu, the number of people catching swine flu continues to rise, government and public health bodies continue to promote hand washing as being a sensible and essential preventative measure.
Crystalcare Washrooms Hygienic Hand Rub, is a non-alcohol hand sanitizer with moisturisers that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria on the hands and provides residual bactericidal activity for up to 4 hours after application. Conforms to Norms EN1040, EN 1276 and EN12054.

Environmentally responsible
Spray soap and sanitizer are amongst the most environmentally- friendly systems, resulting in a reduction of up to 60% less chemical contamination into the water system and less packaging waste


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